Saturday, 19 May 2012

18th Week: YouTube

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“Baby cloth Hauls, Labour Bags, Labour and delivery” are the categories of videos I’ve been searching and watching on YOUTUBE this week.

It all started with me wondering about what people put in their labour/hospital bags. I’m not nosy just very curious (that might be where nosiness starts, but I’m not NOSY.) I was given a list by my midwife and I know there are many lists online but I find them to be very basic, I wanted to see what are the things women found most helpful, couldn’t be without, didn’t use etc. Then, my curiosity led me to search for Labour/delivery stories, first baby bits and so on. I’ve found loads of helpful videos.  And for anybody that’s interested I’ve put a few playlists together using videos I found and liked on pregnancy. If you’re interested in watching them please click on my newly added YouTube link to go watch them.

I’m a pro-YouTuber! Whenever I need a cooking recipe, make-up look, hair-style, DIY help, product review, YouTube is the first place I turn too. Okay maybe not always the first but definitely one of the firsts. Do you watch videos on YouTube, If so what do you, have you watch any videos on pregnancy? Leave a comment sharing what your favourites are.

Now, about my bubble baby, It’s moving a lot, especially when I’m trying to sleep! But, I guess I shouldn’t really complain because it’s a sign of being healthy. My bump is well bigger than I expected it to be at this stage but I’ve been told it’s normal.

My wild child has just woke up and asked for “German Toast”!!!
Ever heard of that, because I haven’t, so I’m off to find out if there is a recipe called German toast and if there isn’t then I’m going to invent one!

Until next time,

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